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Hydra for Mac Get Cracked Free With Serial Key

Hydra for Mac Get Cracked Free With Serial Key

Hydra for Mac


Hydra for Mac High dynamic range (HDR) photographs can provide a more realistic representation because are capable to display a wider range of luminosity levels. Hydra is a simple Mac app that enables you to recreate the effect by superimposing multiple images taken with the same scenery.

A straightforward image processor that can combine up to 7 different images

To start using the Hydra Pro capabilities, you must drag and drop the regular images on top of the app’s main window or top of the Dock icon. Hydra Pro will automatically open the editing window where you can preview the included images, and make the necessary adjustments.

The Hydra app can superimpose up to 7 different images: you have the option to preview them and to visualize general details about each image.

Moreover, Hydra enables you to align the images, allows you to adjust the image temperature, includes cropping capabilities, and allows you to manually or automatically remove ghost zones.

Customize the final result by applying one of the built-in mapping presets

Once the images are prepare to be combine, you can easily switch to the developer mode and apply one of the 12 built-in mappings presets.

To customize the results, Hydra allows you to adjust the shadow and highlights level, the brightness level for different tones, and so on. This way, you will be able to give an artistic look to your images in no time.

Uncomplicated photo processing solution that can help you create HDR images

When you are satisfy with your project, Hydra allows you to share the image on social media (Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter), to export it to your disk, or to send it to your Aperture, iPhoto, or Lightroom libraries.

In a nutshell, Hydra comes with a collection of simple yet very powerful tools that can superimpose multiple images to overcome your camera’s limitations when it comes to capturing different luminosity levels.