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Notebook Web Clipper for Mac Cracked Version

Notebook Web Clipper for Mac Cracked Version

notebook web clipper


Notebook Web Clipper is a Chrome add-on that integrates with your Zoho account and offers you the possibility to send clippings, links, screenshots, images or simple text notes to the cloud.

As a result, the entries created with the help of the Notebook Web Clipper extension will be visible in your Notebook desktop application, so you won’t have to waste time transferring content from the web browser to the app.

Chrome add-on that helps you send content to your Notebook application

The Notebook note taking utility offers you the possibility to organize your notes into various collections and can handle text content, images, to-do lists or audio recordings. The Notebook Web Clipper extension merely helps you send content directly to the application.

Note that to be able to use the extension, you need to register for a Zoho account free of charge.Make sure that you have logged into that account both on the browser side and within the desktop app.

Save a clean view for the current page, extract the URL, or capture screenshots

Working with the Notebook Web Clipper add-on is rather intuitive: select on the page the text you want to save, press the Notebook Web Clipper icon placed next to the address bar, and the extension will automatically create a new note that you can send to the Notebook cloud.

At the same time, via the Notebook Web Clipper panel, you can choose to save a clean view of the current page, create a new note that includes the link to the page, or capture a screenshot. Note that you can also upload image files from your desktop.

Unobtrusive Chrome add-on that can send clippings to your Notebook application

Even though the Zoho Notebook application is available only on the Mac platform, Notebook Web Clipper offers you the possibility to add notes to your account regardless of the platform, as long as you are using the Chrome web browser.

Notebook Web Clipper creates a connection to your Notebook account so you can easily create new text notes, save images or screenshots, store page links to notes that include your observations, and so on.


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